Senior Softball DFW | Tournament Rules
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Tournament Rules

2018 Softball Tournament Rules

  1. ASA, SSUSA, and MSCSA League Rules Apply.
  2. Unique Tournament Rules Also Apply

Unique 2018 Tournament Rules

2018 Softball Tournament Rules

  1. ASA, SSUSA, and MSCSA League Rules Apply.
  2. Unique Tournament Rules Also Apply

Unique 2018 Tournament Rules

  1. There will be one round robin tournament for the 4 “B” Division teams.
  2. The “C” tournaments will be divided into a C upper and C lower tournament. Win/loss percentages through September 27th2018 will determine tournament bracketing.  In case of a tie, head to head results between the two teams will be the next tiebreaker, with  total runs scored during season play being the third tiebreaker, regardless of the number of games the two teams played.


  1. All teams wanting to play in the tournaments must notify Tom Athens ( and info Jim Delmar ( by email no later than end of day Tuesday Sept 27th.


  1. The top 4 teams from C East will play the top 4 teams from C West in the Upper C Tournament.  The Lower C Tournament will be made up of the remaining C teams that decide to participate.


  1. Tournaments will be double elimination (two losses). In some cases, with 5 or fewer teams a round robin may be played.


  1. Prior to each game, a coin toss will be used to determine the home team.


  1. The first team to arrive will have the choice of dugout.


  1. Duplicate jersey numbers will not be allowed but tape may be used to alter a duplicate number once discovered, even after play has started.


  1. To qualify for tournament play, a player must have participated in a minimum of six (6) regular season games.


  1. Any player not on the roster approved in advance for the tournament will not be allowed to play.


  1. Rosters with correct jersey numbers showing starters, in batting order sequence, and substitutes, are to be submitted to the opposing coach before the start of each game. Each substitution, when it occurs, must be reported to the opposing coach.


  1. A playerthat uses an illegal bat, once discovered, is immediately eliminated from the tournament; and for the remainder of the game where this is discovered.  If the players team does not have a legal substitute for that person in the actual game the illegal bat is discovered, an out will be declared by the home plate umpire every time this ejected player’s turn at bat occurs, for the remainder of that game.


  1. In tournament play, a team cannot borrow defensive players from the other team. Only players from their roster may participate on their behalf.


  1. Normal play is 11 players for both the B & C Divisions. All teams must have a minimum of 9 players to avoid a forfeit in tournament play.  If a team has less than 11 players, it must take an out inevery roster spot shy of 11, every time these roster spots are scheduled to bat during the game.


  1. Unlike league play, if a player is injured during a game, or has to leave for any reason, if the team does not have a legal substitute not already in the batting order,it must take an out every time that batting position comes to the plate.


  1. The home plate umpire is responsible for time keeping but he may delegate this to another person.


  1. Games each day will start at 9:30AM.  All games are scheduled for 60 minutes. At the60 minute mark, the home plate umpire is to call a time out and announce to both coaches that 60 minute mark has been reached. If the 60 minute mark is reached in the sixth inning or less, that inning will be completed plus one more inning.  In the last inning, unlimited runs may be scored by either team.  All Championship games will go a full 7 innings.  There will be no time limit.  This applies to both the first as well as the second (if necessary) games.


  1. If the score is tied after regulation play has been completed, each extra inning will start with the last batter from the previous inning assuming a position at 2nd A courtesy runner may be used for that batter only if the batter had a courtesy runner during their last at bat. The same runner that was their courtesy runner while at bat, will become their courtesy runner at 2ndbase