2023 Tournament Rules
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2023 Tournament Rules

2022 Softball Tournament Rules

Oct 23 thru Oct 27, 2023


Formats will be determined by the age division.   The Senior Men 60+ division tournament will be a seeded double elimination tournament. Senior Men 65+ and Senior Men 70+ will play in round robin formats.

Teams will be placed in brackets based on final rankings and standings at the end of the season (combined spring and fall records).

Fees will vary by tournament  based on total costs to operate the tournament to cover field rentals or other unplanned charges.

There will be no paid umpires for the tournament. All games will be officiated the
same way as in the regular season. There will two assigned monitors (chosen
from current managers) as well as any available board officer to assist in
decisions as needed for rule interpretation and league compliance of etiquette.



+Home team will be determined by a coin flip prior to the game.                                                                                                                                                                                                               +2023 MSCSA league playing rules will be used.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               +To qualify, a player must be listed on the official team roster submitted to the league secretary.                                                                                                                                                            +players must be listed on the official roster by Sep. 22, 2023.
+players must play in at least 6 games during the season.
+players must have drivers license or photo id available.
+Players must play in jersey with numbers (no duplicate numbers allowed).
+Rosters with jersey numbers and batting order to be submitted to opposing
manager at start of each game.

+Normal play is for 11 players. If a team has less than 11 players, then an out is
declared each time the spot is due in the batting order unless agreed to by the
opposing manager. A team must have 9 players to start the game. Additional
players may be added during the course of the game.
+Courtesy runners per league rules.
+Injured players, or a player removed from the game, must have a replacement
player for the batting order. If no player is available then an out is declared
whenever that person is due to bat. However, if a team elects to “bat the line up”
then the injured player does not cost an out and the spot is skipped in the order.
Once the place in the order is skipped, the injured player is no longer eligible to
If a player is removed for disciplinary reasons, then an out is declared at each
time during that game that the player is due to bat. Any player removed from a
game for disciplinary reasons will not be allowed back in the tournament.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Game times will be for 7 innings( 75 minutes ). Each manager should declare at 70
minutes the last inning. The 7th inning (or last inning) is unlimited runs(open/
+Games tied at end of regulation will resume with the batting order at end of
game. The last batter of previous inning will be placed at second base. Each
player will begin the overtime with a 3/2 count and NO courtesy foul.
+TIE BREAKER. If the bracket series is tied:
1st Tie Breaker- Two teams- Head to Head
2nd Tie Breaker- Least amount of runs allowed
3rd Tie Breaker- Co- Champions
If there is a tie with head to head matchups in three teams, then the team with the
least amount of runs allowed will be the tournament champion. If both teams are
tied with least amount of runs allowed, then Co-Champions.