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Learn more about our league below

The History of the 

Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association 

Forward: Many of us show up routinely for our league games and most of us joined up to play in the DFW area Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association (MSCSA) for various reasons.  Over the years, a great deal of time and effort has been spent in developing and running a well organized league.  All organizational and administrative effort has been done voluntarily and without any compensation so that we could enjoy our games and competition safely, inexpensively, and in a well structured manner.  Duties of elected officers and coaches include negotiation for our fields, the purchase of balls and equipment, and the establishment of league rules and schedules. Our Board of Directors consists of one voting member from each team, and our five elected officers, a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Member-at-Large.


History: What would be your best guess as to when the Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association began?  If you surmised 1980, you could be right. As best as can be determined, senior softball in the Dallas area began in the spring of 1980.  The “league” or competition then consisted of just two teams – one from Grand Prairie and the other from Irving. These two teams played an informal schedule on each others home field  during their initial season.

Cooperation with senior citizens centers and the Parks and Recreation Departments of Grand Prairie and Irving led to more formal competition.  Games then were played during the daytime. Teams were composed of retired or semi-retired players, ages fifty-five years and older, who formed teams to play during the mornings. The league was organized to provide friendly competition, good fellowship and some physical fitness activities.  In 1981, Mesquite formed a team and joined in the competition with Grand Prairie and Irving.  The three teams played each other, taking turns playing on each others home field.

In 1982, word was out about senior softball and seniors and retirees from several new cities in the Metroplex formed teams and joined the three existing cities. Representatives from the various teams held meetings at the Senior Citizens Center in Irving to draw up playing rules and schedules.  However, there was no official organization until 1986, when the constitution and by-laws of the newly-named “Metroplex Senior Softball Association (MSSA)” were written and adopted.  The league now had a formal name, laws and regulations.  A Board of Directors for the league was set up with one representative from each team serving on the board. The board created an Executive Committee, consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer as well as one member-at-large. Together, they guided the new league forward.

The league continued to prosper and grow as teams were formed from the Richardson-Garland area, Ft. Worth, Arlington and the Oak Cliff-Duncanville areas.  Beginning as a day league, the MSSA in 1987 organized a night league for that spring and summer.  This enabled men, who were fifty-five years and older, and who were still working during the day, with an opportunity to participate.  While the age limit for playing was set at 55, each team was allowed to have no more than three players who were between the ages of 50 and 55.

As the league expanded and developed, age and physical ability differences among the

players became evident.  Thus, an “A” division for those players who had stronger running, throwing, hitting and fielding skills was set up.  Correspondingly, a “B” division league was formed at the same time for those players with good softball skills but who would be unable to compete with the stronger “A” division teams.

By 1991, both the “A” and “B” divisions had five teams.  Additionally, there was a new division created – the “C” division – which consisted of six teams and generally included less able players.  All three divisions played day games.  Also that year, a night league was formed consisting of eleven teams with players age 55 and up.  Games were played at LTV Corsair Park in Grand Prairie using two fields provided to the Association at no cost.  In addition, six teams comprised of players in the 50 to 55 age group played night ball at Fritz Park in Irving.

In 1992, because of the differences in abilities of league players, the night leagues implemented a strict group age limit on their teams. The day league remained 55 and above. The night leagues were set up thusly: 50 through 54, 55 through 59, 60 through 64 and 65 and up.  This caused changes in the make-up of several teams and created the formation of some new teams in various age brackets.  The competition subsequently became more evenly balanced.  All teams played in Grand Prairie on Monday nights.  On Thursday nights, the teams from Dallas County played at Huffines Park in Richardson, while the Tarrant County teams played at Waggoner Park in Grand Prairie.

1993 was a pivotal year for the league.  Because of widespread play in different cities, the league heads decided that the association and leagues needed to be split.  A new league of night time teams located east of Irving became the new Dallas Area Senior Softball Association (DASSA) (www.quickscores.com/dassa).  By 2011, this league now consists of 20 teams that play on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Heights Park in Richardson. Also, a new league of night teams west of  Irving was formed and became known as the North Texas Senior Softball Association (NTSSA). Originally they played their games at Corsair Park in Grand Prairie on Monday and Thursday nights. By 2011, this league now consists of 12 teams that play on Monday and Tuesday evenings at Trinity View Softball Complex in Irving.

While these changes were being implemented, the day league teams were combined and directed by what is now called the Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association (MSCSA).

The day league ( MSCSA), seniorsoftballdfw.com now plays on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and by 2017 had grown to 31 teams; 5 “A” Division, 9 “B” Division and 17 “C” Division teams playing throughout the DFW Metroplex. It is organized into east and west groups to minimize travel time with two teams playing each other twice in one week, once each on their respective home fields. Today MSCSA continues with a Board consisting of one voting member from each team; and it also has a non-voting Executive Committee consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and Member At Large.

2020 was a difficult year for MSCSA softball due to the world-wide covid pandemic and although our participation was smaller we still had league play with safety protocols.

In 2021 the league bounced back to full strength with 29 teams in 16 cities.




Amended October 2017


Section A.   The Order of Business shall include:

  1. Call to order by the President.
  1. Opening prayer and Pledge of allegiance to the American flag.
  1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting.
  1. Approval of financial reports.
  1. Reports of officers and committees.
  1. Unfinished business.
  1. New Business
  1. Adjournment.

ARTICLE II.   REVIEW AND PROTEST HEARINGS  (Moved to Playing Rules, paragraph 11, as of June 22, 2019)


Article III.   Disciplinary Action

Section A:     The Officers of the Board of Directors of the MSCSA will conduct hearings on all complaints concerning unsportsmanlike conduct. Examples of such behavior would include, but are not limited to, actions like: fights, excessive verbal abuse to include profanity, improper hand gestures, improper behavior, refusal to honor the Rules for play, insertion of unauthorized balls or bats during play, etc.

Section B:     All items associated with disciplinary action must be submitted by a coach or assistant coach, in writing (email is acceptable), to all five Officers of the Board, as soon as possible following the alleged infraction.

Section C:     Within 48 hours, the Officers will set up conference calls to hear first the complaint, then hear from the person(s) being accused.

Section D:    Upon hearing both sides of the issue, the Officers will decide as quickly as possible the appropriate disciplinary action, if any, that is appropriate for the situation. The Vice President of the Board will send a written reply of the Officer’s decision to all parties involved (email may be used), as well as all coaches associated with any of the parties involved.

Section E:    Depending upon the severity of the action, the Officers may vote to only discipline the player(s) involved, or they may also discipline the team(s) involved as well. Action may vary from a first-time warning, which may include a probationary period, to game suspensions, to expulsions for the remainder of that season, to expulsions from even playing MSCSA softball again.

Article IV:   Players Moving From One Team To  Another During A Season

Section A:    For various reasons, a player may request to move from one team to another during the season. The Officers will review all such request and make a ruling as quickly as possible.

Section B:   To prevent any possibility that a player’s moving from one team to another may affect upcoming tournament play, all requests to move from one team to another must be submitted and ruled upon by the Officers in time for that player to join the roster of the new team for a minimum of (6) games before the last game of regular season play. If the individual is not approved in time for that person to be added to the new team’s roster for a minimum of 6 games prior to the start of tournament play, that player is ineligible for tournament play for that season.

Section C:    All request from a player must be submitted to the five Officers of the Board in writing (email is acceptable).

Section D:   All request must be accompanied with a written statement from the coach of the team the player desires to depart, giving permission for that player to join another team (email is acceptable).

Section E:   All request must be accompanied with a written statement from the coach of the new team the player wishes to join, agreeing to accept this person (email is acceptable).

Section F:   The Officers will review all request and make an appropriate decision as fast as possible. The player and both coaches involved will receive a written response of any final decision made from the Vice President (email is acceptable).


Section A: The MSCSA shall establish a bank account. All funds derived from entry fees, tournaments, league fund-raising events, projects, protest fees or any other funds received will be deposited in this account. The Treasurer of the Board of Directors shall keep a record of all financial transactions and submit a written report to the Board at each meeting. The President of the Board of Directors shall appoint a committee of three (3) Board Directors to audit the records annually.

Section B: Numbered checks as well as other accepted electronic methods of payment will be used in purchases and expenditures made by the Treasurer on behalf of the Association. They will be made available for audit.


Section A: All expenditures shall have the approval of the Executive Committee. 






We, the members of the Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association (MSCSA), a non-profit organization, do hereby adopt this Constitution in order to promote fellowship, good sportsmanship, and recreational activities for the members of the teams included in this organization.


Section A:   Name

The name of this organization shall be the Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association.

Section B:   Affiliation

Each team in this association may be independently organized, funded, and operated according to its local procedures as long as those procedures comply with the rules and regulations as outlined in this Constitution and By-Laws of the Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association. A team may be affiliated with the Senior Citizens organization and/or the Parks and Recreation Department of the city or area in which it is located. Each team should work closely with the City Parks and Recreation Department in their area.     

The Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association may be affiliated with other Senior Citizens Softball Associations in the State of Texas and on the National level for the purpose of area, state and/or national tournament competition.

It is hereby noted that the rules and regulations of other area, state or national groups are not binding on the operation of the program of the Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association; however, individual teams from this association may have to comply with other area, state and national rules and regulations in order to participate in games and tournaments sponsored and held by their organizations.

The Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association shall be affiliated with the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) for the purpose of using ASA rules for Slow-Pitch softball. The ASA rules shall be observed for all games of the Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association played in the area, with the exception of the special Rules for Senior Citizens teams and players as approved by the Board of Directors of the MSCSA.


Section A:       To develop, promote, maintain and foster Senior Citizens softball competition among teams under the jurisdiction of the Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association.

Section B:       The development and practice of good citizenship and a spirit of good sportsmanship for all persons involved.

Section C:       To provide safe and wholesome recreational opportunities, physical fitness activities, good fellowship and athletic enjoyment through participation in softball games.


Section A:       Team Membership

  1. Teams desiring to join the Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association must be approved by the Board of Directors and comply with the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of the Association.
  2. Teams may have an unlimited number of players on their rosters; however, when a team has 20 or more players it shall seriously consider and work to establish another team (a new team).
  3. Players may not change teams during the calendar year without a written request to and approval by the Board of Directors. The calendar year may be divided into up to three (3) seasons – Spring, Summer and Fall. At the beginning of the calendar year (January 1) and prior to the Spring season, players may only play for one team.  Players are not allowed to play in multiple divisions at the same time. The MSCSA strongly discourages team managers from recruiting players from other established teams. The MSCSA was organized to provide a well-balanced and competitive program. The purpose and objectives of the MSCSA depend upon the integrity of the managers of each team if the MSCSA is to successfully accomplish these goals and objectives.  
  4. There shall be no drafting of players allowed for tournaments being sponsored by MSCSA, even if those players are from other MSCSA teams that are not playing in the tournament.
  5. Players may be drafted from MSCSA teams for tournaments outside the Metroplex area provided the players team is not going to the same tournament.
  6. The Secretary of the Association shall keep an up-to-date roster of the players on each team. Coaches shall provide the Secretary of the Association a complete copy of the rosters of their teams at least three (3) days prior to the first game of the season. Coaches shall provide the names of any new players not on the roster to the Secretary of the Association at least twelve (12) hours prior to the next game. Failure to notify the Secretary of such an addition to the roster in the prescribed time limit (12 hours) shall result in an automatic forfeiture of that game.  Amendment 2 (Feb 14, 2023)  Coaches may provide an MSCSA Board Officer with an Individual Player Signup Sheet and player participation fee prior to the new player taking the field in lieu of mailing.
  7. In order to be eligible to play on a MSCSA team, a player must sign a roster/liability waiver with the team of his/her choice prior to being allowed to play for the team. Their signature on this form is a statement that the player will be responsible in the event of an accident or injury to themselves and agree to hold the MSCSA harmless for any accident or injury as a result of being a member of any MSCSA team.


Section A:       Board of Directors

The Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors. This board shall consist of one member and one alternate, usually the team coach or manager and assistant coach or assistant manager, elected yearly by each team to serve as that team’s member(s) of the Board of Directors. Playing rules for MSCSA shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Each team has only one vote on all decisions made at board meetings.

  1. The Board of Directors will be led by Officers (Executive Committee) consisting of a President, Vice President and Treasurer, Secretary, and Member-at-Large. At any time, if one or more Officers can no longer serve, the remaining Officers shall appoint a Nominating Committee from the Board of Directors to make recommendations to the Board of Directors for any open positions.
  2. The President, Secretary and Member-at-Large shall be elected in November of odd-numbered years by the Board of Directors for a two-year term.
  3. The Vice President and the Treasurer shall be elected in November of even-numbered years by the Board of Directors for a two-year term.
  4. The Officers shall meet on call of the President, or in the absence of the President, the Vice President shall perform its duties in cooperation with the Board of Directors.
  5. Three fifths (3 members) of the Officers shall constitute a quorum.

Section B:       Meetings:

The Board of Directors shall meet at least five (5) times a year (January/February, March, June, September and October) and on other occasions as deemed necessary by the President of the Association.

Section C:       Duties – Board of Directors and Officers

1.   The Board of Directors shall:

 a. Serve as the official governing body of the Metroplex Senior Citizens      Softball Association.

b. Approve the admission of all teams into the Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association.

c. Establish and enforce the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of play of the MSCSA.

d. Amend the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of play according to the procedures as outlined in the Constitution.

e. Calendar events for the year. Structure the teams for league play to include Divisions, etc., in the best interest of the Association.

f. Approve game schedules for the association.

g. Set an entry fee for each team in order to finance Association activities – mailings, envelopes, stationary, awards, field fees, etc.

h. Elect its officers as outlined in the Constitution.

2.        The President shall:

a. Preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors.

b. Enforce the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of play.

c. Serve as the Public Relations officer for the Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association.

d. Sign all official documents.

e. Appoint a Nominating Committee responsible for recommending at least two people for each upcoming Officer position to be voted on during the last Board of Director’s meeting for the year.

f. Appoint any other special committees as deemed necessary.

g. Serve as the official representative of the Association in such meetings and on such occasions as deemed proper by the Board of Directors.

3.        The Vice President shall:

a.   Assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President. 

b. Rule on questions of order during Board of Director meetings. 

c. Coordinate the efforts of the MSCSA in the recruitment of new teams. 

d. Serve as Parliamentarian of the MSCSA.                        

e. Receive all complaints from managers, reply in a timely manner and share with executive board.

f. Will investigate any reported incident requiring possible disciplinary action.  Will share these findings along with suggested corrective actions to the other executive board members for final resolution.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

4.        The Treasurer shall:

a. Take charge of all funds received by the MSCSA and deposit same to the account of the Association in the depository approved by the Board of Directors.

b. Pay all bills approved by the Board of Directors.

c. Get the approved signatures of two officers and sign with them all drafts shown against MSCSA.

d. Keep an up-to-date, single entry, financial record covering all receipts, expenditures and balances.

e. Submit the current financial report to the Board of Directors at all meetings.

f. Submit financial reports to other authorized parties as approved by the Board of Directors.

5.       The Secretary shall:

a. Keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings of the MSCSA and send out copies of the minutes, within two weeks, to all members of the Board of Directors

b. Keep an up-to-date membership roll of the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of all current members of the Board of Directors.

c. Keep the rosters of each team and work closely with the coaches of each team to ensure that all rosters are up-to-date.

e. Keep the Board of Directors informed as to team roster situations and problems related thereto.

f. Send copies of schedules to all team coaches.

g. Log all scores of games weekly.

h. Will act as single contact point for MSCSA tournament(s).

6.         The Member At Large shall:

a.   Assist all Officers with any portion of their assigned duties in which help is required.

b.   Participate in all meetings of Officers and Board of Directors.

c. Responsible for recommending at least two people for each upcoming officer position to be voted on during the last Board of Directors meeting for the year.

d. Participate in disciplinary review hearings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

e. Provide continuing education to managers via periodic emails regarding rule changes, recent rule questions, and rule interpretations.


The President, Vice President and, Treasurer, Secretary, and Member At Large shall not be eligible to vote on any decisions. Any issues brought forth by Officers in Board meetings must be accompanied by naming the source (player name and team). Officers may not lobby or campaign for changes, issues or motions.


Section A.       Joint Officer duties shall be:

To provide an executive body within the Metroplex Senior Citizens Softball Association, under powers granted  to it by the Board of Directors and whose actions are always subject to review and approval by the Board, which will:   

  1.   Be small enough to be an effective planning, reviewing and decision   making  body.
  2.  Give guidance to the Board on problems which may arise in the course of day-to-day activities.
  3.  Constitute a screening or review committee to ensure that all projects or proposals are duly considered to be in the best interest of the association before being presented to the Board of Directors.
  4.  To render decisions within policies set by the Board of Directors which will expedite the day-to-day business and activities of the MSCSA.
  5.  To make decisions (subject to later ratification by the Board) when it is impractical, unwise, or impossible to delay this decision for a full meeting of the Board.
  6.  To review the progress, activities, etc., of the MSCSA in light of its avowed goals, its opportunities, and its obligations and to submit recommendations thereto to the Board.
  7.  To review, develop and establish standard procedures for the conduct of business and activities – securing approval from the Board on those involving basic procedures, important changes from long-established custom or where strong controversy exists or is possible. (A simple majority vote of the Executive Committee shall determine items of business to be referred to the Board with or without recommendation).
  8.  To study the needs of the Association, evaluate its present activities, discuss proposed items and refer specific items to the Board for study and/or implementation.
  9.  To correlate plans and activities as approved by the Board.
  10. To coordinate the calendar of activities approved by the Board.


Section A.

This Constitution, the By-Laws of MSCSA and the Rules of play may be amended by a majority vote of the Board of Directors in attendance at a scheduled MSCSA meeting. At least three-fourths of the Board of Directors must be in attendance when this vote is taken.

Section B.

Any member of the Board of Directors may bring to a meeting of the Board of Directors a proposed amendment the Constitution or By-laws to be considered for recommendation and voted on at the next meeting of the Board of Directors.

Amendment 1 (Nov 15, 2022)

A two thirds vote amending the MSCSA Constitution was adopted prohibiting revisiting or readdressing any motion for a time period of two (2) calendar years that had been passed or defeated.


The most current revision of Robert’s Rules of Order will be used to conduct all Board meetings of the MSCSA.  The Constitution of MSCSA can only be amended by an extraordinary resolution or a written unanimous resolution.  The motion cannot be applied to the constitution and bylaws unless a supermajority of at at least two thirds of the members are voting in favor of the resolution.   The votes of the members eligible to vote will be the ones considered for the count.  (Roberts Rules of Order Oct 12, 2021)

Past Presidents of the MSCSA


Although the Metroplex Senior Citizens Senior Softball Association (MSCSA) was formed in 1986, records could not be located identifying past presidents from 1986 – 1999.

Identified below are the Presidents from 2000 – Present:


2000-2002    Bob Thomas

2002-2004    Leland Grinder

2004-2006    Bob Mahlstedt

2006-2008    Bob Mahlstedt

2008-2010    Jack Paslay

2010-2012    Jack Paslay

2012-2016    Jim Thomas

2016-             Tom Athens