Association Board Meeting Minutes – Friday, June 23, 2017
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Association Board Meeting Minutes – Friday, June 23, 2017

Association Board Meeting Minutes – Friday, June 23, 2017


Subject: Association Board Meeting Minutes – June 23, 2017

The following teams were not represented: Sachse Rangers, Lewisville Bandits, Lewisville Outlaws, Mesquite Mavericks, Desoto Dukes(A), Farmers Branch Elite(A), Fort Worth Panthers(A), Irving Mets(A).

1, Before the meeting commenced, new softballs were distributed.
2. Tom Athens, President, called the meeting to order.
3. Allan Shelton lead the opening prayer.
4. Mike McVickers lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
5. Dennis Bashore presented the minutes from the 3/21 meeting(on the website).
There was a motion to accept the Secretary’s report. It was seconded and
6. Jim Delmar presented the Treasurer’s Report. We have a current balance of
2340.77. Since last meeting we collected $5,400(dues) and spent $2,808(Web
Development), $2210(softballs) and $250(golf tournament). There was a motion and second to accept the Treasurer’s
Report. The motion was approved.
7. Dennis provided a brief Golf Tournament update, It is scheduled for 10/25 at the
Riverchase Golf Club in Coppell. It will start at 12:30pm and BBQ will be served
after we are finished playing. We will have a brisk Awards presentation and raffle
so folks can get an early start home. The fee will remain $60/person.
8 Tom lead a discussion about a growing number of games that are forfeited. In some
cases, we are charged for the use of a field because we failed to notify the city. Jim
Delmar or Tom Athens should be notified if a game is forfeited.
9. The Constitution calls for 5 Board meetings/year. The consensus was that this was
OK. On October 3rd, the softball tournament schedule will be distributed.
10. Tom is investigating the possibility of having a corporate sponsor for the league.
He learned that most don’t do it but we may be able to work a deal where we can
purchase balls, bats and other gear at a significant discount. This is work in
11. The following motion was presented “Request that the current rule be modified to
that when there are multiple defensive players at a base preventing a runner to
safely reach that base or the chalk lines on either side of the base there would be
a case of obstruction. The obstructed runner and all other runners shall always
be awarded the base or bases which would have been reached, in the umpires
judgement, had there been no obstruction. The motion was seconded and
12. There was a request that league play be changed to read the same as rule 12 of our
unique tournament rules in regards to the number of players. The tournament rule
states normal play is 11 players for both B and C Divisions. All teams must have
a minimum of 9 players to avoid a forfeit. If a team has less than 11 players, it
must take an out in en every roster spot shy of 11, every time these roster spots are
scheduled to bat during the game.

Other options were also discussed but the consensus was to not make any changes
to the rules.
13. Jim Thomas, manager of the Southlake Crusaders, was not present but provided
a request for a rule change. His request was “On all plays at home plate, the first
base umpire becomes the ‘appeal to’ umpire if it is felt the home plate umpire
missed the call at the plate.” The consensus of the Board was that the home plate
umpire can ask for help from the other umpires. Also, there is already a policy for
the teams’ managers to work out disagreements. No action was taken.
14. Tom and the Board reviewed and made changes to the Unique 2017 Tournament
15. There was a motion to move the C Tournament to the Patterson Softball complex
in Arlington. The cost is $15/field/day. The motion was seconded and approved.
16. There was a motion to move the B Tournament to Hurst softball complex. It was
seconded and approved.
17. Tom asked the Managers representing the B Division to stay after the meeting to
discuss the number of forfeits so far this year and a going forward strategy.
18. The meeting was adjourned.
19. The B League Managers expelled the Mesquite Mavericks for the remainder of this