Metroplex Senior Softball Association Minutes-November 15, 2022
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Metroplex Senior Softball Association Minutes-November 15, 2022

Metroplex Senior Softball Association Minutes-November 15, 2022


NOVEMBER 15, 2022

  1. Tom Athens, President, called the meeting to order.
  2. The Board recited the Lord’s Prayer.
  3. The Board said the Pledge of Allegiance.
  4. Tom Athens led a roll call for teams that were in attendance.  Twenty three teams were attending.
  5. There was a motion and a second to approve the June 22, 2022 minutes. The motion passed.
  6. Jim Delmar, Treasurer, gave the Treasurer’s report.  Receipts were $7,885 and, after expenses, the current balance is $5,469.57.  There was a motion and a second to approve the report.  The motion passed.
  7. Tom Athens provided the following general announcements:

      A. The projected league opener is April 04, 2023.

      B. Only softballs that are supplied by the league will be used for league play.

      C. League winners were recognized as :

           1. The Dallas Flames won the 55+ age league

           2. Farmer’s Branch Codgers won the 65+ East Division

           3. Lewisville Lonestar Bandits won the 65+ West Division

      D.  Mike McGlothin gave a re-cap of the post season tournament:

           1. Ft. Worth Bearcats won the Hurst Field bracket.

           2. Richardson Raiders won the Arlington Field bracket.

           3. Lewisville Lonestar Bandits won the Irving Field bracket.

      E. Tom Athens reported that the 2022 golf tournament had the most players      

           (84) that ever participated.

      F.  Player registration fees will remain at $15 for the 2023 season.

      G. The next coaches meeting will be held in February on a TBD date.

8.  New Business was opened for discussion by Tom Athens.

      A. Election of new officers was warranted for Vice President and Treasurer.               

          Jim Delmar retired as Treasurer. Mike McGlothin resigned as Secretary.

      B. The following elections established:

          1.  Jim Gibbons was elected as Vice-President

          2.  Mike McGlothin was elected as Treasurer.

          3.  Steve Johnson was elected as Secretary.

      C. Discussion and voting on changes for the 2023 season:

          1. The 55+age league enacted the following:

             A.  League age changes from 55+ to 60+.

             B.  A 1/1 count with no courtesy foul was approved.

             C.  A split season was approved.

             D.  A motion for use of a pitcher’s screen was continued.

          2.  The 65+ yr age group discussed the following:

             A.  Agreed to continue the 65 yr age group in the East and the West.

             B.  A motion to create a 70+ age group including both divisions failed.

             C.  A motion to keep the 1/1 count with a courtesy foul was approved.

             D.  A motion to enact a split season of April- June and Sept.-Oct passed.

             E.  A motion to hold the end of season tournament in November passed.

             F.   A motion to use a “Halo” rule failed.

             G.  A motion to re-instate “run-thru” lines failed.

        3.  A motion for the league to not re-consider  any changes to playing rules that have been previously considered for a period of two years was approved.

9.  Tom Athens announced the creation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to honor individuals with exemplary contributions to senior softball.  The first recipient of the award is Jim Delmar who has served for over 21 years as Treasurer of the organization and as a long standing coach of the Arlington Angels.

10.  Tom Athens adjourned the meeting.