Metroplex Senior Softball Association Minutes-February 22, 2024
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Metroplex Senior Softball Association Minutes-February 22, 2024

Metroplex Senior Softball Association Minutes-February 22, 2024


  1. Tom Athens, President, called the meeting to order at 11:03a.m.
  2. All attendees recited the Lord’s Prayer.
  3. All attendees said the Pledge of Allegiance.
  4. Tom Athens led a roll call for teams that were in attendance;  ­­­­­­All Teams except Richardson Raiders and Grand Prairie Cubs attended.
  5. There was a motion and a second to approve the Nov 9, 2023 minutes. The motion passed.
  6. Mike McGlothin, Treasurer, gave the Treasurer’s report.  Ending Balance from 11/09/2023 was $6,994.71. Deposits were $2,258.68. and Expenses were $5,242.52.   After expenses, the Ending Balance for 2/22/2024 is $4,010.87. There was a motion and a second to approve the report.  The motion passed.
  7. New Business
    A. Results of 2023 Financial Audit performed by Dennis Bashore, Dave Riddle, and Tom Rutledge.  No financial irregularities were found. Reports are posted with the Minutes.

    B. Softballs for all of the 2024 season have been paid for and received.

    C. League Schedules have been created for the Spring Season through June 27, 2024 and are being posted to the website

    D. Motions for 2024 League Play were voted.  Only motions that were made, seconded, and discussed at the Nov 9, 2023 meeting were voted on.  No new motions were accepted at this meeting

    *Motion 1: Home Runs – a second HR before other team hits a HR will be considered an OUT  Current rule is a second HR is a single

    Motion 1 DID NOT Pass*

    2 – 5:  teams voted for one of these motions. The 2 motions with the  most votes were then voted a second time.
    – Motions 4 and 5 had most votes 

             – Motion 5 received the most votes after the second vote. Initially, the 2 motions were tied.  Steve Corder, Dallas Flame coach did not vote as Board members cannot vote.  A motion to allow Steve to vote for his team because the Dallas Flames did not have an alternative representative.  Motion to allow Steve C. to vote was passed and Dallas Flames voted for Motion 5.  Therefore: Motion 5 was passed for the 8-week midseason break

    * Motion 6:  League champion to be determine by total season record; no 1st half/ second half champion  Motion 6 PASSED

    *Motion 7: Change commit line to 30 ft. from current 20 ft. 
    Change makes MSCSA in line with SSUSA rule Motion 7 PASSED

7. Tom Athens provided the following general announcements:

          A. Team Liability Insurance Certificates were prepaid and emailed to coaches to provide to the cities where their home games are played.  For multiple teams playing in the same city, only one copy is required to be presented to the city

         B. Deadline for team rosters and fees are due at the March 19th meeting.

  Players fee will remain at $15 per player and team liability insurance of $20.50.

         C. Deaths: Deaths:  Bill Turner of the Mesquite Generals passed away on January 2, 2024

         D. Tom Athens announced that he is taking a temporary break effective immediately. He has an upcoming medical procedure and expects to return at a date TBD. Jim Gibbons will serve as MSCSA President in Tom’s absence.

         E. The End of Season Tournament will be discussed at the March 19, 2024 meeting. A tournament committee will be formed that will plan and run the tournament for each division.  The Board will advise the Committee but will not run the tournament as in the previous seasons

        F. Steve Johnson acknowledged Bob Sadler as coach of McKinney Mustangs, new 65+ team in the 65+ East Division.

       G. Breakout sessions followed for each Division were conducted to address issues specific to their teams

8. Tom Athens adjourned the meeting.


Tom RutLedge 2023 Audit Report


Dave Riddle 2023 Audit Report


Dennis Bashore 2023 Audit Report