Board Meeting Minutes – 2/15/18
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Board Meeting Minutes – 2/15/18

Board Meeting Minutes – 2/15/18


Subject: Association Board Meeting Minutes – February 15, 2018

The A Division coaches had a separate meeting. All the B and C Division teams were represented.
1. Tom Athens, President, called the meeting to order.
2. Lynn Titus provided the opening prayer.
3. Tom lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
4. The minutes of the 11/16/17 meeting were approved.
5. Jim Delmar, Treasurer, reported that we had a current bank balance of $2,108.24. A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report. It was seconded and approved.
6. Tom gave all the new coaches an opportunity to introduce themselves.
7. Tom reported, with regret, that Duane Myers of the Irving Eagles had passed away. The league normally sends flowers but we did not have enough notice.
8. David Martin, Executive Committee Member at Large, gave a PowerPoint presentation. His topics were the Infield Fly and proper positioning by umpires.
9. The 1st Half of the season will be from April 3rd to June 28th.
10. This year we will be playing with Dudley softballs. They are $5/doz cheaper than the Trump softballs. Until we’ve exhausted the supply of Trump softballs, teams can continue using them. Teams needing softballs for the 2018 season should notify Jim Delmar.
11. We will be ordering 4 home plate extensions.
12. There was a motion to keep the current Home Run rule(over the fence). It was seconded and approved.
13. There was a motion to not play during the month of July. It was seconded but not approved.
14. There was a motion to shorten the season by 2 weeks. It was seconded but not approved.
15. There was a motion to leave the softball season as it has been in the past. It was seconded and approved.
16. All the coaches were provided copies of the new Roster and Liabilities forms. It is extremely important that players read the Liabilities form and that they “sign it”. A player cannot play until they have signed the form. Also, the form must be to Dennis Bashore before the start of the season or the team cannot play.
17. This coming season, the A and B Divisions will require pitchers wear a mask. The C Division teams, per an on-line poll, chose not to make masks mandatory for pitchers. Tom said the association will buy masks for those teams who will use them. The B and C Divisions requested 4 and 10 respectively. The cost to the league is $19/mask.
18. There was a motion to allow “pitching screens” in the C Division. There was a second but it was not approved.
19. A motion was made and seconded to approve the following changes.
a. “If a batter is still in possession of the bat when he steps on first base, he will be called out and the ball is alive.”
b. Limit courtesy runners for batters to a maximum of three per inning in the A Division. B and C Division rules will not change.
c. All games will start at 10am.
d. Add rule to require uniforms with numbers, with some leniency.
e. B and C Divisions will use 52/300 ball. A Division will use a 44/375 ball.
f. The USA SB Bracket Book will be used for making the end of season tournament brackets.
g. For the end of season tourney, USA SB umps will be used if possible.
h. Planned forfeit will be changed to cancellation if the weather would not have permitted play.
i. Forfeits will not count toward seeding in the end of year tournaments.

20. On our Association website, forfeits will be recorded as 1 – 0 scores.
21. The next Board meeting will be 3/22. Teams should try to provide signed rosters and participation fees at that time.
22. Tom adjourned the meeting.