Association Board Minutes — November 16, 2017
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Association Board Minutes — November 16, 2017

Association Board Minutes — November 16, 2017


Subject: Association Minutes from the November 16, 2017 meeting

Teams not in attendance were: Mesquite Old Pros, Richardson Raiders, Sachse Rangers, Mesquite Knights, Farmers Branch Elite, Fort Worth Panthers, Irving Mets.

1. Tom Athens, President, called the meeting to order.
2. Jim Thomas led the group in a prayer.
3. Tom led the Pledge of Allegiance.
4. There was a motion to approve the Oct 3rd minutes. It was seconded and approved.
5. Jim Delmar reported we had a bank balance of $2,533.40. A motion was made to approve the Treasurer’s report. It was seconded and approved.
6. Tom presented the 2017 MSCSA Profit and Loss Report.
7. Tom presented the 2018 Projected Budget. He provided some background about various line items. He also discussed the possibility of purchasing pitcher protector screens. A motion was made and seconded to approve the 2018 Budget. The motion was approved.
8. The opening day of the 2018 season is April 3rd and the first half will conclude on June 28th. The Rules committee will be considering modifying the schedule. Some B teams are considering moving to the C Division. As of now, the B Div will have 6 or 7 teams. The C East Div will remain at 8 teams and C West will grow to 10 teams.
9. Tom reported that Jim Gibbons is working to keep maintain or hopefully grow the A Div. They are planning on having 5 or 6 teams. They will play Tuesday doubleheaders or 9 inning games. Robson Ranch has expressed interest in playing in the A League.
10. Tom reported that during a B Div Tournament game, there was verbal altercation that included some unacceptable language. After the game, the parties worked it out but Tom emphasized that Verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
11. There was a motion from David Martin for the creation of a Rules Interpreter Position to be added as an executive officer replacing the member-at-large position. We had the constitutionally required ¾ of members to make this change. A motion was made to make this change. It was seconded and approved.
12. Election of officers
a. There was motion to nominate David Martin to the position of Member-at-Large/Rules Interpreter. It was seconded and approved.
b. There was a motion to nominate Dennis Bashore to fill the secretary position. It was seconded and approved.
c. There was a motion to nominate Tom Athens to fill the position of President. It was seconded and approved.
13. From the list of 11 managers who volunteered to serve on the Rules and
Operation Committee, Tom chose Bill Mego( C West), Red Benson(C East), Dale Wilson(B) and Rich Kaczmarski(B). David Martin will chair the committee which will evaluate all the suggestions made by coaches/players throughout the past year. There recommendations will be presented at the February meeting. The Board will vote on the individual recommendations.
14. Winners of the Post Season Softball Tournament
A Division DeSoto Dukes
B Division 1st Place Southlake Crusaders
2nd Place Arlington Cubs
3rd Place Mesquite Knights
C Div(Upper) 1st Place Sachse Rangers
2nd Place Mid-Cities Flyers
3rd Place Farmers Branch
C Div(Lower) 1st Place Mesquite Generals
2nd Place White Settlement
3rd Place Arl Greyhounds
15. Dennis provided a recap of the Golf Tournament. We had 68 players and
generated a profit of approximately $800. Fortunately we had terrific weather
it appeared everyone had a good time.
16. There was a motion to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded and approved.

2018 Projected Budget

Beginning Balance: $2,533.40
Projected Expenditures:
1. Softballs: $2,184.00
2. Softball Tournament Awards: 800.00 (1st Place)
600.00 (2nd Place)
3. Miscellaneous Expenses: 155.00
4. Umpires for all tourn 1,000.00
5. Tourn Field Rentals 140.00
6. Website Server 360.00
7. Website Design Changes 300.00
8. Flowers 250.00
9. Golf Tournament Fees 4,000.00

Projected Funds:
1. Players Registration Fee: This year there were 572 players: $5,720.00
2. Golf tournament: This year there were 68 golfers. Entry fees: $4,080.00
3. Beginning 2018 Balance: $2,533.00
$ 12,333.00

2018 Projected Funds $12,333.00
2018 Projected Costs $9,789.00

**Based on this budget projection you will see that the 2019 season should open with a balance of around $2,544. Which would be $10.60 more than 2018.
The positives would include:
· Funds For Umpires For ALL Tournament Games.
· Awards for all teams finishing 2nd in the Tournament
· Player Participation Fees would remain at $10.00 per player per season – NO INCREASE
· Funds Available if needed for Website Design Changes