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To maximize playing time for everyone, we encourage our coaches to limit their active roosters to no more than 16 players, but the number of people required to maintain 16 players may vary during any given season, for various reasons. We are also constantly looking to add additional teams into the league. Therefore, please provide us with your contact details and skill level (see below) and we will help to match you with an appropriate team. All games are played on TUES & THUR MORNINGS, April through September. MSCSA is a Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas Softball League

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A Division:
A great deal of experience and excellent ability
(55+; Usually our best players) (Must become 55 or older during the calendar year to participate.)These teams are basically tournament teams and travel many weekends.

B Division:
Many years of experience and average or good ability. (Must become 55 or older during the calendar year to participate). Next skill level below the A Division

C Division:
Some experience and very good ability
(Must be 65 or older during the calendar year to participate.)

Women in all three Divisions must become 40 or older during the calendar year to participate