Metroplex Senior Softball Associaton Minutes–June 22,2022
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Metroplex Senior Softball Associaton Minutes–June 22,2022

Metroplex Senior Softball Associaton Minutes–June 22,2022


1. Tom Athens, President, called the meeting to order.

2. The Board recited the Lord’s Prayer.

3. The Board said the Pledge of Allegiance.

4. Tom Athens led a roll call for teams that were present. All teams were present except the Lewisville Outlaws 65+ team.

5. There was a motion and a second to approve the March 17th minutes. The motion passed.

6. Jim Delmar, Treasurer, reports the last meeting balance was $2,630.87. Current expenditures were $3,697.82. After receipts, the current balance is $5,469.59. There was a motion and a second to approve the treasurer’s report. The motion passed.

7. New Business was opened for discussion by Tom Athens:
A. Tom announced that a proposal for changing the league age by division would be voted on at the November 2022 meeting.
B. Tom led a discussion of rules for out of the ballpark home runs. When a ball is hit over the fence, it is not necessary to run around the bases.
C. Tom stated that the league softball order was still delayed and a limited number of balls would be distributed until the order arrives.
D. Mike McGlothin led a discussion about the end of year tournaments for the 65+age division to be held Sept 26th thru Sept 29th.

1. The entry fee will be $70 per team.

2. There will be a round robin format for each of three tournaments. The divisions will be decided at year end                       based  on record and performance, with teams finishing in the upper, middle, and lower standings.

3. No paid umpires will be used.

4. The deadline to enter and/or add players will be August 15th.

5. The tournament rules will be posted on the website.

6. Tournament brackets and final discussion will be at the coaches meeting on September 16th.


8. Several general announcements were made:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A.  The midyear break between the 1st and 2nd half is July 1st thru July 18th.                                                                          B.  Second half schedules were distributed and are on the website.                                                                                              C.  The next coaches meeting will be Sept 16th.

9. Tom Athens adjourned the meeting.